Club Rules

We have a simple set of rules which help to keep everyone has a safe and fun time.

1-All players must be over the age of 18.

2-You must be in good health and able to play.

3-Games will be organised by the co-ordinator

4-Shuttlecocks, posts and nets are provided by the club.

5-Only suitable clean non-marking shoes must be warn. Idealy these are not worn outside and are changed into inside the hall.

6-The 21 point rally system will be used, during busy times, this may be reduced to 15 points.

7-Respect between all players is to be maintained at all times.

8-Abusive, violent and harassing behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. Admission can be revoked without notice, no refund will be issued for any monies paid.

9-You will need to bring your own racquet and wear suitable clothing.

10-There is no drinking water at the venue, please bring your own.

11-Guests at a Monday session are not alowed to pick games, guests must wait until they are selected to play by a full member.